Bake in 375° oven.
Use favorite yeast dough recipe.  Make yeast dough following directions with recipe until dough is ready to form into rolls then use the following procedure:
1. Roll dough in a thin sheet about 12” long and ¼” thick.
2. Spread generously with filling and roll dough up tightly as for jellyroll.  Place sealed side down on board.
3. Cut roll in 1 inch slices.  Place in greased baking pans.
4. Let rise until double in bulk.
5. Bake at 375° F. for 20 to 25 minutes or until done and brown.  After removing from oven, spread top with “Glaze for Sweet Rolls or Coffee Cake.”  Substitute fruit juice for boiling water if desired.
NOTE:  1 Tbsp. vanilla and 1 Tbsp. lemon juice may also be added.
Number of Portions 100
Size of Portion 1 each
Calories 329 Iron 1.98 Mg Protein. 4.90 G 5.95%
Cholesterol 34 Mg Calcium 36.40 Mg Carbohydrates. 58.10 G 70.54%
Sodium. 214 Mg Vitamin A 88 RE Total Fat 9.09 G 24.84%
Fiber 2.11 G Vitamin C 0.28 Mg Saturated Fat 1.79 G 4.88%