Culinary Techniques for Fresh Fruits & Culinary Technique for Cooking

Culinary Techniques for Fresh Fruits
Wash fresh fruits close to the time they will be prepared for service. Use
clean, cool water and drain the fruit well.
Berries should be kept in the original container and washed just before
serving to prevent softening and to discourage mold growth.
To prevent browning with fruits such as apples, pears, peaches, bananas, and avocados cut them with a stainless
steel blade and then dip in an acidic fruit juice or a commercial product that contains ascorbic acid.
Prepare in serving size pieces and keep chilled until service. Fruit should be cut in age-appropriate size pieces.
Offer cut-up fruit as a topping for yogurt.



Culinary Technique for Cooking or Baking Fruit
Use the right form of the fruit for the recipe. The recipe will suggest the form of the fruit to use: fresh, frozen, canned,
or dried. Use the form suggested since the textures are different and affect the quality of the baked products.
Most baked fruit recipes can be prepared ahead of service time and held in the warmer. Fruit dishes that have
a crust, such as pie or cobbler should be placed in a warmer uncovered or held at room temperature until
time for service.
Savory fruit sauces should have a balance of sweet and savory and can be used for dipping chicken strips
or cheese sticks