Makes 320 – 1 ½ oz. rolls. Bake in 375° oven.
Dry yeast 5 ½ oz. 1 cup & 1 Tbsp.
Warm water 15 cups (or 3 qts. & 3 cups)
Sugar 8 oz. 1 cup
Melted shortening 1 ½ lbs. 3 cups
Honey 1 qt. (or 4 cups)
Flour 14 lbs. 3 gals. & 1 cup
Rolled Wheat or Rolled Oats 9 cups (or 2 qts. & 1 cup)
Non-fat dry milk 1 lb. 3 cups
Eggs 12
Salt 3 oz. 6 Tbsps.
Raisin 1 qt. (or 4 cups)
1.      Dissolve yeast and sugar in 8 cups or 2 qts. of warm water in mixer bowl.
2.      Combine remaining warm water, 7 cups, melted shortening and hone in mixer bowl. Add yeast mixture to other liquids in mixer bowl.
3.      Combine dry ingredients and add to liquids in mixer and mix until dough leaves sides of bowl.  Let dough rest 5 minutes.
4.      Shape into rolls and brush with melted butter.  Let rise until double in size.
5.      Bake at 375°F. for 20 minutes or until done and brown.
BROWN AND SERVE ROLLS *:  After dough has been shaped, bake rolls 30 minutes at 250°F.  Rolls may then be held several hours at room temperature or refrigerated until next day.  To brown, bake about 7 minutes at 425°F. in conventional oven.
HAMBURGER ROLLS*:  follow directions for rolls except after shaping, “Flatten rolls approximately 3 inches in diameter.”  (after portioning these rolls and placing them on a lightly greased sheet pan, flatten them by placing another greased sheet pan on tom of them and pressing on it).  Allow enough space between rolls so them may rise and spread.
PRE-CUT HAMBURGER ROLLS*:  After dough has been punched down, roll dough to ½” thick.  Brush ½ or rolled dough with melted butter.  Fold over dough cut though both layers of dough using 3 ½” cutter or use French Knife and cut dough into 3 ½” squares.  Place on lightly greased baking sheet.  Bake at 400°F. in conventional  oven until done and brown.  Rolls may be pulled apart after baking.
Number of Portions 320
Size of Portion 1 ½ oz.
Calories 64 Iron 0.40 Mg Protein. 1.68 G 10.56%
Cholesterol 9 Mg Calcium 19.27 Mg Carbohydrates. 9.29 G 58.33%
Sodium. 142 Mg Vitamin A 42 RE Total Fat 2.46 G 34.69%
Fiber 0.67 G Vitamin C 0.16 Mg Saturated Fat 0.90 G 12.68%