TEMPURA VEGETABLES   (the term tempura suggests that you use a tempura pan for cooking, which is a wok with a rack attachment to drain the cooked vegetables;  any pan for deep-frying and a cooling rack sitting over paper towels for draining can be used)



A variety of vegetables may be used… mushrooms, cauliflower florets, whole green beans, fresh asparagus, or white onions cut and separated into rings


1 cup flour

1 cup ice water

1 slightly beaten egg

2 T. salad oil

½ tsp. sugar

½ tsp. salt


Prepare batter. Beat together the flour, water, egg, oil, sugar, and salt till all ingredients are just well moistened.  A few lumps should remain. Keep batter cool by sitting the bowl of batter in a bed of ice.

Heat fat, deep enough to cover vegetable pieces,  to 360-365°. Dip vegetables in batter;  shake off excess;  cook in deep fat till tender and browned.  Drain thoroughly.  Serve with condiments, if desired. (ketchup,  or 1 ½ T. soy sauce mixed with ¼ cup prepared mustard may complement the vegetable flavors)

You may dip the vegetables in the batter first, and then coat them with finely crushed cornflake crumbs before frying for a crispier product.