Soups- Key Points in Preparing Soups

Soup is served in almost every culture. Take a look:
Japanese – Miso Soup
Mexican – Tortilla Soup
Italian – Minestrone
Spanish – Garlic Soup
Brazilian – Winter Squash
Soup (Quibebe)
Cuban – Black Bean Soup
New England – Clam Chowder
Louisiana – Gumbo
Amish – Chicken and Corn Soup

Use a low-sodium broth, stock, or soup base.
Try using herbs, spices, and lemon for seasonings in soup to use in place of part of the salt.
Include beans, whole grains products, and a variety of vegetables in soups.
Use low-fat refried beans as a thickener in soups and to add fiber and other nutrients.
Use whole wheat pasta in small shapes for soups.


Soups are an excellent vehicle for serving flavorful, appealing vegetables
and fruits to children.
Soups can be thick and hearty, such as chunky chowders, thick vegetable soups,
or savory bean soups. Soups can also be smooth and creamy, such as puree of butternut squash soup.
Soups can be served hot, such as minestrone soup, or cold, such as peach and yogurt soup.

Soups help celebrate the bounty of the four seasons.

Fall: corn chowder, butternut squash and apple soup, tomato soup
Winter: chicken noodle soup, mushroom barley soup, black bean soup
Spring: puree of pea and mint, spring vegetable soup
Summer: gazpacho, chilled melon and mint soup

Key Points in Preparing Soups

Prepare a good quality stock or broth as the foundation of an excellent soup.
Select a low-sodium stock base as a substitute
Enhance the flavor of a purchased stock base with a vegetable mirepoix (celery, onion, carrots).
Use fruit and/or vegetable juices for part of the liquid.

Principle Ingredients
Choose seasonal vegetables as the primary ingredient for soups.
Introduce new vegetables by adding a small quantity to popular soups.
Use fresh or frozen fruits or vegetables in soups.
Add whole grains, such as barley or whole wheat pasta, to make a hearty soup.


Use a small amount of lemon juice or vinegar to brighten the soups flavor.
Add fresh herbs shortly before service for the best flavor.
Add spices early in the cooking process to bring out their flavor.