Makes 120 rolls. Bake in 400° oven.
Mashed potatoes, if desired 2 cups (or 1 pt.)
Yeast 2 cakes (or pkgs.)
Water 5 ½  cups
Flour 4 ½ lbs. 4 ¼ qts. (or 17 cups)
Non-fat dry milk 10 oz. 2 cups (or 1 pt.)
Salt ½ oz. 1 Tbsp.
Sugar 8 oz. 1 cup
Fat 1 lb. 2 cups (or 1 pt.)
Shell eggs ** 2
   ** 1/3 cup sifted dried whole eggs and 1/3 cup water may be substituted for the shell eggs.
1.      Use small amount of water to cook potatoes, drain and mash.
2.      Dissolve yeast in 1 cup of the water.
3.      Beat together fat, sugar, salt, eggs and potatoes if used.
4.      Sift together dry ingredients and add to mixture.  Beat thoroughly.
5.      Cover, place in refrigerator overnight or several hours.
6.      Knead, shape into rolls, turn in melted butter or fat.  Let rise until doubles in size.
7.      Bake until done and brown in 400° F. oven, about 10 to 15 minutes.
·         Biscuit or roll dough may be rolled out in the bun pan, and then cut into squares, diamond shapes, etc., using a knife instead of a biscuit cutter.  This saves reworking rolling the dough scraps.
·         Roll out and bake cobbler crust on a cookie sheet and then cut into squares and place on the warm fruit, which has been cooked, thickened, and portioned into serving dishes.
Number of Portions 120
Size of Portion 1 each
Calories 112 Iron 0.83 Mg Protein. 2.67 G 9.56%
Cholesterol  6 Mg Calcium 30.14 Mg Carbohydrates. 16.29 G 58.21%
Sodium.  83 Mg Vitamin A 2 RE Total Fat 3.88 G 31.23%
Fiber 0.56 G Vitamin C 0.47 Mg Saturated Fat 1.56 G 12.55%