How to Make French Onion Soup

1. Butter/Oil – 2 table spoon,
2. Big Onion (sliced thin) – 4 cups
3. Pepper powder – ¼ tea spoon
4. Soup cubes – 5 nos or soup stock – 5 cups
5. Salt – 1 tea spoon
6. Croutons – 5 (bread toasted with butter and sliced into 2 pieces)
7. Grated cheese – 2tb. Spoon

Heat the butter and fry onions. When golden brown, add the pepper powder and remove from fire. Dissolve the soup cubes in 5 ¾ cup of water and boil. (or use 5 cups of soups stock instead). Add the fried onions and salt to this and cook it covered in a pan for ½ hours on low flame. Transfer the soup to 5 bowls and keep a piece of crouton in each bowl.Garnish each bowl with the grated cheese. Croutons and the grated cheese can be grilled and then placed in bowls before transferring the soup on top of them.