How to Make Indian Style Crab Soup

1. 6 mediumsized fresh or tinned crabs, ½ tsp. Turmeric powder, Salt to taste
2. ¼ kg. Mutton, chicken o bee, diced into small cubes, 4 cups water, 1 tsp. Vinegar, Salt to taste, 1 tsp. Chopped celery (optional).
3. 1 dsp. Butter.
4. ½ cup slivered onion.
5. 1 dsp. American flour (maida).
6. ¼ cup French bean slivers, ¼ cup carrot slivers, ½ cup boiled peas.
7. 1 tin corn.
8. 2 eggs, beaten lightly.

Bring enough water to boil. Put the crabs into the boiling water. Add turmeric and salt. There should be enough water to cover the crabs. Boil the crabs till the shell changes colour. It will take at least 1 hour to cook. Lift the crabs from the boiling water and immerse in cold water to harden the meat. Shell the crabs and take out the meat. There should be 1 cup of shredded crab meat.Pressure cook ingredients in item 2 and make soup. Strain the soup and keep it aside. It is better to pressure cook the soup, If celery is available. It gives a special flavour to the soup. Saute onion and butter together. Do not allow the onion to turn brown. As soon as it is seasoned, toss in the flour and saute. When the raw smell goes, add the prepared soup to it. As the soup boils, add the prepared vegetables. If tinned corn is available, grind and add to the soup. Then toss in the crab meat. But the eggs but do not froth it. Hold the plate, with the softly beaten eggs over the soup and pour the egg, slowly like a thread into the boiling soup. Stir the soup lightly all the time your are pouring the egg. The egg will now come up like thread and float in the soup. Remove soup from fire. Add ajinomoto, and stir well. Serve hot.

See that the vegetables retain their natural colour. Instead of crabs, shredded prawns and meat can be used.