How to Make Cream Cake


1. ½ kg. American flour (maida), 1 tsp. Baking powder.
2. 125 gms. Butter.
3. 125 gms. Fresh cream, chilled.
4. ½ kg. Powdered sugar.
5. 4 eggs yolks.
6. ¼ tsp. Vanilla essence.
7. 1 pinch grated lime rind.
8. 1/8 tsp. Powdered cardamom.
9. 4 eggs whites.
10. ½ tsp. Vanilla essence.
11. 1 tsp. Sugar.

Mix together and sieve flour and baking powder.
Knead together the butter and chilled cream till it becomes soft and fluffy. Add the powdered sugar and beat it well. Add the egg yolks, one by one and mix. In between, add the ¼ tsp. Essence and grated rind and cardamom powder. The creamy mixture should be soft and fluffy. Add flour mixture.
Whisk the white of eggs till it becomes frothy. Add the essence and beat. Add the sugar and whisk the white again. Fold in the whisked white with the cake batter.
Pour the mixture into a spacious cake tin, lined with greased paper and dusted with flour.
Bake it at