How to Make Indian Style Brinjal Curry


1. 250 gms. brinjal with stalk, slit into four without separating.
2. 2 dsp. oil.
3. 1/2 tsp. garlic flakes.
4. 2 pinches of fenugreek, 2 pinches of cumin seed.
5. 1/4 tsp. mutard.
6. 100 gms. onions chopped.
7. 100 gms. tomato chopped.
8. 1 dsp. coriander powder, 3/4 tsp. chilli powder.
9. 1 dsp. oil
10. Boiling water, salt, tamarind water and jaggery or sugar as required.

Put the slit brinjals in water. Cook the brinjals with a little turmeric powder and salt. When it is three-fourth done remove form fire.

Soak the coriander and chilli powders. Heat oil and fry garlic. Add fenugreek, cumin seed and mustard. When sauted add sliced onion and fry over low fire. When onion is browned add tomato and fry till oil separates. Add the soaked ingredients and fry over low fire. Add 1 dsp. of oil more and saute the masala till oil separates. Place the brinjal in this and add salt. Turn the brinjals from side to side. Lastly add the ingredients of the tenth item and cover the pan wtih a deep lid containing hot water. Stir occasinally to prevent the curry sticking to the pan. The masala should coat the brinjals.