How to make South Indian Style Duck Roast

<1. Duck meat cut to large pieces- 1 kg., 2. Coriander powder- 2 teaspoon, Turmeric powder- ½ teaspoon, Black pepper- 1 teaspoon, Cumin- ¼ teaspoon, Sahjeera- ¼ teaspoon, Cinnamon (1” length)- 1 piece, Cloves- 9, Cardamom- 2 Nos., Garlic pods-8 Nos. Ginger- 1” piece, 3. Vinegar- 1 dessert spoon, salt- to taste, 4. Coconut oil- 4 dessert spoon, 5. Onions sliced- ½ cup., 6. Coconut milk extracted from I cup scraped coconut- ½ cup., 7, Potatoes cut to square cubes and fried- 3 cups.

To prepare
The second set of ingredients are ground to a smooth paste, the meat pieces are marinated with the paste along with vinegar and salt. Three cups of water are poured to this and the meat pieces are cooked. Once it is cooked the gravy is separated. The meat pieces are now deep fried in coconut oil and kept aside to strain off oil. If oil in the kadai is not enough, a little more is added and the sliced onions are sauted. When it is sauted well, the gravy and coconut milk are added and when it begins to boil well, the meat pieces are added. When the gravy thickens and mixes well with the meat, it is taken off the fire. This is then transferred to the serving dish and decorated with the fried potato cubes.