How to make Mango Pickle ( KONKAN STYLE)

Mango Pickle  ( KONKAN STYLE)



2 ½  kg                   Mango

1 ½  kg                   Ground nut or til oil

¼  kg                      Pickle masala powder ( P . 41)

½   cup                  Vinegar

1  cup                    Table salt

1  cup                    Brine

Cooking Method

Cut the whole mango into big bits.Remove the white seed,wash and  drain. Mix

with powdered salt and keep in jar for  two days. Drain the water  out and dry in

the sun for a day. Heat oil in a pan , remove from fire and add masala powder.

Pour this over the mango. Add  vinegar and enough brine so that oil stands

above  the pieces.Cool and keep away  tightly closed. This will keep for

a year.





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