How to Make Indian Style Onion Chicken Fry

1. 1kg. Chicken, jointed and cut into pieces2. 1 dsp. Chilli powder3.¼ dsp. Pepper powder4.½ dsp. Coriander powder5.1/8 tsp. Turmeric powder6.12 cloves7.. oneinch pieces cinnamon 8.1 pinch cumin seeds9.1 pinch ani seeds 10.1 cup chopped onions11. 4 dsp. Oil12. 1 tsp. Thinly sliced onion13. 1 tsp. Thinly sliced ginger14.1 tsp. Sliced garlic15. 2 dsp. Refined oil 16. ½ cup finely chopped ripe tomatoes.17. Salt as required

Grind ingredients in item 2 to a fine paste.Heat oil and saute onion, ginger, garlic and ground masala well. Let the masala fry on a low fire, adding 2 dsp. Of oil in between. Before the oil separates stir and salt to taste. Stir well.Pour in a cup of boiling water. Close the pan with a deep lid containing water. In case the gravy is all absorbed before the chicken is cooked, pour in water from the lid. Allow the gravy to chicken. When the chicken is done and coated with thick masala, remove from fire. Serve hot.

Note: Serves 6

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